• vladivostok

    14th Congress of ANQ
    September 21-22, 2016

    Russia, Vladivostok

    Welcome to ANQ 2016 Congress in Vladivostok!



Dear colleagues,

It is my honour and pleasure on behalf of Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) to invite you to the 14th Congress of ANQ which will be held in Vladivostok, Russia on 21-22 September 2016.

For the last decade ANQ has been working hard on promoting quality is Asia. Being relatively young international organization of Asian countries, ANQ has managed to find its place in the range of international quality leaders. 

ANQ has 17 members, non for profit national quality organizations working in Asian countries to improve quality of human life by contributing to the progress of science, 

technology and industrial development through promotional activities in theory, methodology and practice in the field of quality. 

ANQ provides a platform and opportunities needed to enhance mutual sharing and learning of the knowledge and experiences obtained through research, development and practices in quality.

Asian Network for Quality operates following ANQ Way which has become not just a set of ANQ administrative principles, but the way we jointly look at quality and at human society around us.

This strategy is fully in line with the Congress theme formulated as “Quality is the meaning of life – not a single day without quality”. We hope this theme will be well met by quality professionals whom we cordially invite to our Congress.

We welcome our honorable guests – leaders of standardization, accreditation and testing as well as internationally known ‘guru’ of education, consumer rights protection and corporate social responsibility.

We look forward to seeing and listening to young generation of quality researchers and practitioners who will facilitate new ideas so much needed for quality evolution.

Lastly we hope you will enjoy every moment in a beautiful campus of the Far East Federal University and hospitality of its management, professors and students.

Welcome to ANQ 2016 Congress in Vladivostok!

Dr. Yury Gusakov

Chairman of Asian Network for Quality

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